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Project Description

Supreme dry cleaners in kingston provide all type of shirt cleaning service weather its silk or cotton we do our best ‘ if you Long forget the days of  ironing your business shirts before work with our quality shirt laundering and pressing service.

Wash and press is the “normal” way to clean dress shirts when you take them to the cleaners. (Don’t be too confused by this.  Even though you take your shirt to the “dry-cleaners”, they are most likely doing wash and press unless you are expressly asking them to dry clean ).  This is our first choice and our cleaning method is relatively cheap and easy and it keeps the shirts looking great. At most cleaners, here’s what the process involves:

We offer the very latest in pressing technology and we are committed to offering unrivaled quality and finish to your business shirts. We guarantee ready to wear quality with clean crisp collars and cuffs.

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