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Supreme Dry Cleaners in Kingston Provide Following Services

One Stop Service

You don’t need to seperate your alterations items and dry clean items, and then take them to the different shop. You can have them all done in our drycleaning store.

Competitive Price

We are very competitive and provide one of best affordable dry cleaning services to our customers weather is wedding dress clean or suit or any item we cover within your budget.

Same Day Dry Cleaning

Same Day Dry Cleaning? In simple terms, it is dry cleaning that is ready for pick up on the same day that it is dropped off and we provide that service to our customers.

Simple & Fast

Tell Dryz where and when you want your laundry or dry cleaning picked up with just a few simple taps.

Top Quality

Our cleaning facilities are among the best in the industry as delivering top quality is our #1 priority.

Eco Friendly

Read more about our green technology which uses zero petrochemicals and is better for your clothes and our planet.